Kobo collect multiple image submission incomplete

hello, i have a form that contains 10 images as questions and I’m using rest services, but when i submit the data from koboCollect the rest services only sends 2 or 3 images out of the 10 images in the response.
here is an example of the respone :confused:

Welcome back to the community, @brahim_jid! Would you also mind testing to submit the submission through Enketo or Collect android app to see if you are able to submit the submission to the server?

i submited through the collect android app and still getting only 2 to 3 image out of 10 images i have in the form

@brahim_jid, what were the total size of all the 10 images you tried to submit as a single submission?

On the same, how do i get the image from Rest services post eg signature, the field gets image name only.but i want the json post to download actual signature n save on my server