Kobo Collect project with multiple forms

@Kal_Lam (and anyone else). I have created multiple forms (6) as part of a single project. iPhone users are collecting and submitting data via Enketo (web form) - all too easy :slight_smile:. For android users in this project, I used a very ancient Android to generate a Kobo Collect project (with all 6 forms) that I deployed using a QR code, following the instructions online (Data Collection on KoboCollect App (Latest Version) — KoboToolbox documentation). I then used the QR code I generated to set this project up on a new Android that I purchased. (I needed to see what it all looks like on an Android).

On this new Android, when I click on the Kobo Collect app icon, and then click on “Start a new form”, I have the 6 forms available to me to fill out. I have now been told that one of these forms is no longer needed, but no data has been collected from it so there is no danger of losing information. What happens if I delete this form from the server via my PC? Does this simply remove this form from the Kobo Collect forms visible to the users? Or will there be a problem because of how these forms were all deployed via a single QR code? I don’t generally use an Android, and this is my first attempt to deploy forms to multiple users via Kobo Collect, so I have no idea what happens. I would assume that the form just disappears from view, but I thought I had better check: I don’t want to delete a form & then discover that other forms deployed with it no longer function correctly, or we lose data, and/or I then have to redeploy another project with only the relevant forms.

Many thanks for your assistance. I tried looking on the forum for information before sending this post, but I didn’t see anything. apologies in advance if I missed the relevant post.


@taniak, if you don’t want the enumerators to see the project in their app, there are two ways to hide it.

i) The first approach, as you have said, is to delete the project from the server. This should be helpful if you do not need the project anymore. But after deleting it, please also be informed that you will not be able to retrieve it back.
ii) The second approach is to archive the project as outlined in this support article Archiving and Unarchiving Projects.

But at the same time, please also be informed that once you archive or delete the project from your server, the enumerators can still keep seeing the project in their app. This could happen if they have already downloaded the blank form. So, deleting or archiving a project in the server does not cause the existing blank form to disappear from the enumerator’s app. It only prevents them from getting the new blank form to their app after you have taken action on the server.

@Kal_Lam , Many thanks for this. And thank you also for helping clarify in my mind that each “form” I refer to is in fact a project. I have been incorrectly thinking of a project as a combination of all the forms, whereas in fact, each “form” is a project!
Cheers, Tania