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Dear all,

In a survey that I am building I would like to repeat a group of questions a number of times. Depending on an earlier question, the group should be skipped or repeat 1, 2 or 3 times. This works well in Enketo (both online and offline), but not in Kobo Collect. I am hoping to use Kobo Collect in the field. Could any of you tell me what I am doing wrong? I’ll put more details below:

Q1(N_problem_employment): how many times did you experience x?
if 0, group should be skipped. If 1, questions in the group should run once, if 2, they should run twice, and if 3 or above, they should be asked 3 times.

In my form I used calculate to determine how many times the group should be repeated (name: loops_employment) using this function: if(${N_problem_employment}=‘1’, ‘1’, if(${N_problem_employment}=‘2’,‘2’, if(${N_problem_employment}=‘3’, ‘3’, if(${N_problem_employment}>‘3’,‘3’, ‘0’))))

Then, I used begin_group, with ${loops_employment} in the repeat_count column.

As mentioned before this works in Enketo as I would like it to, but not in Kobo Collect. I am using the EU server and the most recent version of the kobo collect app. Any suggestions?

Hi @giteLU,

It could be because of the formula you mentioned because your if sentence return string value not intager, can you test this one

if(${N_problem_employment}=‘1’, 1, if(${N_problem_employment}=‘2’,2, if(${N_problem_employment}=‘3’, 3, if(${N_problem_employment}>‘3’,3, ‘0’))))


@giteLU, this site should also help you solve your issue:


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Thank you, this worked!

Apologies for not getting back to you sooner, I have to rely on someone else to try out the app because it does not work on any of my devices. Thanks a lot for your help and swift response.

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Thank you for your suggestion! I’ll look at this resource too to make sure the group is not presented to the respondents with 0 problems.