Kobo Connectint to server

i have been using KoboTool Box for my Utility data collection. I would like to seek support on how to connect your own office server to Kobo Toolbox so that when I collect data, I can upload directly to our own server.

looking forward for kind support.

Welcome back to the community, @yeshi_2021! Did not quite understand your issue clearly. Could you explain it again?

What i mean to say is that, at our office, we have put in place a dedicated server for QGIS along. we are Using kobo Tool to collect utility data and we want to publish our data directly to our server. so is it possible to to connect kobo to our own server so that we can upload all our data into server from different regions of our office.

Thanks a lot.

Hi @yeshi_2021,

There is a support article for KoboToolbox on Your Computer or Server — KoboToolbox documentation

This might help you.

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HI Hakan,

Thank a lot for your immediate response.