Kobo custom report not showing the full text

hello, is anyone facing this issue?

Welcome to the community, @Hassan! Could you also let us know the question type for this variable? Is it a select one question type or is it a text question type?


The issue its with all type of Questions except text questionnaires.


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Will have a closer look and get back to you soon.

Also no alphabetic sorting.


Hello @Hassan,
I think, KoBo does automatic sorting by value (number of cases in choice category) and there is no option to change this.

Side-note: Be aware that KoBo report is a rather rudimentary tool for visualisation and analysis. You might switch to more powerful tools on the exported data, like Excel, SPSS, or dashboard tools …

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Thank you for bringing this to the community, @Hassan! We now have a GitHub issue for this which you should be able to follow here:

Please note that the system has sorted the table based on frequency.