Kobo form could not open

We install kobo on our own server. The only problem we are having is that the open button to open the form is not working and the copy button disappears.

Can someone please help


Hi @sheku_munu_kc,

Welcome to the community! Would you mind trying the same form in either OCHA server or HHI server and see if it behaves in the same way.

Have a great day!

Hi together,

we’re currently facing the same issue. Link-Button is missing and Open-Button not functional. Forms are still accessible (all deployed with Enketo) and filled forms are correctly submitted. This applies to all forms.

The problem appeared when our IT was fixing another minor issue. It seems like that when doing the fixes, the Docker containers were updated. Our current setup is:

kobotoolbox/nginx                          latest 
kobotoolbox/kobocat                        2.019.52-final-shared-database
kobotoolbox/enketo-express-extra-widgets   1.77.0-jnm-grunt-workaround  
kobotoolbox/kpi                            2.019.52-final-shared-database
mongo                                      3.4    
mdillon/postgis                            9.5   
redis                                      3.2
Installed with kobo-install, without https-config. 

python run.py --logs were checked with no helpful results.

Maybe a bug in the current Docker images?

Thanks in advance

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Hi @DSimon
What exactly did your IT guy change? Are you able to trackback the exact issue which could be causing this?


Hi @stephanealoo,
The initial issue (proxy error) was caused by too many certificate request one of the applications within Kobo (don’t know which one) sent to let’s encrypt (which we use for https instead of the internal config). That has been fixed, but I can’t tell what exactly he did.

Hope this might help…


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Glad to know that this is now solved

No, unfortunately its not solved. What I described in the last post, was the initial problem (proxy error), which was solved but somehow the fixing might have caused the current issue (missing Link-Button/Open-Button not working).

So the problem still persists. Maybe the last post was a bit ambigouos, sorry for that!


It means that enketo_express is not up and running.
Can you go to https://ee.yourdomain.tld? (use http:// if you haven’T activated HTTPS)
What do you get?

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Hi @nolive i am trying to activate HTTPs - How do we do this?
Many thanks

In our case (same issue as @sheku_munu_kc screenshot shows) Enketo is up and running. Forms are accessible and submissions are received by Kobo. Form redeployment also works. Its just the Link-Button thats missing and the Open-Button that is not functional.


@DSimon, ok,

If the buttons are missing, it’s because KoBo cannot communicate with enketo_express API for any reason. The main reason is because enketo_express is down. But you say it does work.
In that case, I suspect that something in configuration is missing. It’s hard to give a good direction without knowing what your IT team did to fix your HTTPS issue. Did they try what I replied in the other thread

Can you ask them some details please?

Thanks for following up. To rectify the parallel discussions: @kobokuet (Kobo-install http/https/certificate nightmare) is in charge of our server. He started the thread to simplify the communication here (instead of me posting things I don’t really understand). He is aware of the solution you offered in the different threads. Our setup was configured as you stated but the problem persists.

I guess it will be the best to proceed with this discussion in @kobokuet’s thread, since both issues might be interellated.

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@DSimon sure :wink:

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Dear @sheku_munu_kc

Have you solved this issue, If yes could you post how did you solved it.



enketo express form preview issue has been resolved:
added entries in docker-compose.frontend.override.yml for extra hosts as described:
- kf.mydomain:
- kc.mydomain:
- ee.mydomain: