Kobo form title changed, data can't be uploaded

Hi all, hoping you can help me with an issue:
We were collecting data in the field offline, so enumerators had downloaded the survey to their devices and would submit all the surveys when they had internet access at the end of the day. Unfortunately in that time, someone changed the title of the form on the kobo account, and now they can no longer upload the data they collected. I have tried to change the form title back, but this doesn’t seem to have worked.

Can anyone advise on how we can recover this data?

Thank you in advance!

@hannah_miles23, changing the name of the survey title should not affect your data submission. I just made a dummy project, collected a data (in the app), made changes to the title, redeployed the project, got the latest version of the project to my app, collected another data from the new project version, and submitted both the data (records) to the server.

I had no issue while submitting the data. Maybe there is something else that is affecting the data submission.

@Kal_Lam thanks very much for the quick reply! I think the data collectors had not downloaded the new version of the form to their devices before trying to submit the data. If they download the new version of the form (in this case the same form, but just a new title) to their devices, the data they have already collected will still be there, is that correct?
Thank you!

@Kal_Lam and another question, if for some reason they still can’t upload the data after redownloading the form, is there a way of manually accessing the data?

@Kal_Lam apologies for the spam, but I have figured out what happened. It turns out, instead of redeploying the form with the new title, someone deleted the entry in kobo and reuploaded the xlsx, so the form that our enumerators have on their devices and the data collected are for a form that no longer exists. Is there any way of accessing this data from their devices?
Very grateful for your help.

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This support article Manually Uploading Submissions should help you solve your issue.