Kobo GUI vs Excel XForms/XLM

Hello Senior Colleagues, Specifically I wanted to inquire from whether there are any significant advantages of building my Kobo Tool box questionnaire form form Excel as compared to using the Kobo GUI?

Do I get the same results whether I build it from Excel or from the Kobo GUI?

Is there something that can be done via XForms/XLM which may not be possible via the Kobo GUI to improve my Questionnaire?.

Thank you

Hi @abraham_oluka,

Welcome to the community! Kindly please be informed that building a survey project either through the xlsform or through the KoBoToolbox Form Builder UI results the same output.

There are some features not supported by the xlsform (directly) while there are some that are not supported by the form builder UI directly. Hence, it’s always good to have knowledge of both the aspects while designing a survey project as it complements the un-meet need (while designing a survey project through a particular approach).

My personal advise while designing a survey project would be: start with the form builder UI and complete/provide finishing touch with the xlsform.

Regarding your query:

At the moment, KoBoToolbox supports either one of them i.e. the xlsform or the form builder UI. You will need to convert the XForms or XML forms to xlsform to upload your survey project to the KoBoToolbox.

Maybe our community would add if there is something that i have missed out here.

Have a great day!

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Thank you very much @Kal_Lam. Will try exploring both options to achieve maximum results