Kobo-install silent installation (non-interactive installation)

Dear Community members,
We want to install KoboToolBox on our own AWS servers (EC2s).
As per our corporate standards, we want to leverage AWS Auto Scaling to make the solution more robust, resilient and ready to support variable traffic.
We want to fully automate the installation of Kobo and we would like to know if anyone has do this and how.

A possible approach: we are wondering if kobo-install supports a silent installation mode, meaning a non-interactive installation that instead of asking the users the installation parameters, it can get that information from a configuration file instead.

Thank you for any help you may provide.

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Yes, KoboToolbox supports silent installation for automated deployment on AWS servers (EC2s) using the kobo-install script. This allows for non-interactive installation, enhancing efficiency and enabling integration with AWS Auto Scaling for scalability and resilience. Detailed documentation provided by KoboToolbox guides users through the process, ensuring successful configuration and deployment.

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Hey @jack5253, would you be so kind to point us to the documentation you are referring to?
Thank you for your time and consideration.