Kobo is asking users to login before filling the form

Kobo is asking users to login before filling the form. Here is what i tried down. Un-checked require aunthetication under settings closer to the logout button

I have some users who may not really need to logon before they respond. Anything I am missing here please help

@fnkhata, I have split your topic into a different post as the two issues you reported in your previous topic differ. Having a separate topic for a separate issue would ease the community to search when needed.

Regarding your issue, could you kindly share a screenshot so that the community can also understand it pictorially? Also please let us know the server you are using.

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Here are two screenshots when i share the link for users to populate data:

Button greyed out, cant save changes and

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OK. It’s fine till here. Could you now share with the community a screenshot that requests the users to log in to fill up the form? BTW, what do you use to collect data? Do you use Collect Android App or Enketo aka Web Form for data collection?

I am using Enketo or web form.
Here is the screenshort

@fnkhata, maybe you will also need to share your login link here. That should help us troubleshoot your issue further.

I am afraid you can only set this in general for a form/project, not different for part of the form users, e.g. using different URL link versions… @Kal_Lam?