Kobo is producing incomplete data while downloading

Dear Concern,
The kobo is producing incomplete data while downloading. For your better understanding i have attached a screenshot. Highlighted with green color. Please let me know how to fix this issue.

@arfathabib, a quick question: did you add questions and then redeploy the project (during an ongoing data collection)? Could you also let us know the server you are using?

Yes, It’s added and redeployed. The server is humanitarian.

Please, remove the personal and data from the files you published here.

Always keep strong data protection when posting to the public/community. See community Guidelines.

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@arfathabib, have you tried downloading your data as XLS (legacy) format to see if it’s missing there too?

Yes, I tried XLS (legacy) as well. It’s missing there too.

I have the same issue, data is present and area visible when I edit it online, but truncated during download. XLS (legacy did work though, why would that be?