KoBo JSON Rest API for listing and retrieving submission data

Hi, since last week, I am not able to access KoBo JSON Rest API for listing and retrieving submission data (/api/v1/data). I always get the message that {“detail”: “Not found”}, but before the API was working very well. Any advice/hint on how I can continue to access submitted data using KoBo JSON Rest API will be highly appreciated.

Welcome to the community @anselme333! Maybe this list could help you:

It was notified through this announcement:

Hey @Kal_Lam, we didn’t remove /api/v1/data, although it would be best if everyone starts using [kpi host]/api/v2/[asset uid]/data instead, where [kpi host] is kf.kobotoolbox.org or kobo.humanitarianresponse.info.

Two possibilities I can think of for @anselme333’s situation:

  1. An authentication or permissions problem. We show 404 (not 403) because we do not want to confirm or deny the existence of a project to someone who is not authorized to see it.
  2. A bug introduced by a recent deployment.
    • Edit: I just tested https://kc.kobotoolbox.org/api/v1/data/[form id] with one of my forms, and it works fine. I haven’t tested OCHA, but it’s running the same code.

Hi @Kal_Lam @jnm, Thank you so much for the feedback. To use [kpi host]/api/v2/[asset uid]/data, where I can see my asset uid.
By using https://kc.kobotoolbox.org/api/v1/data/[form id], I am still receiving the same message “detail not found”. If it is an authentication or permissions problem, any hint to solve it, it will be highly appreciated. Thank you!