Kobo login and Record Name ID issue

A volunteer is having an issue on his mobile device using the app. When submitting an entry he gets “Record name or ID already exists, please change it,” but repeated name changes do not seem to work, either. Won’t let it save the form either, claiming ID already exists despite changes.

They use a iphone 13 pro, IOS 17.3.1, using the web format of the form.

Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.

Welcome to the community, @BuffaloFieldCampaign! If the browser does not have any data being saved, maybe you could clear the cache of your browser. This should solve your issue.

As a side note, please use modern browsers (that are updated to the latest version) like Chrome, Edge, Firefox.

Unfortunately that did not work, chrome is the browser being used, it seems to be a shared issue for multiple IOS devices specifically. Android and pc are functioning fine. Is this an issue between Kobo and current IOS software?