Kobo map disaggregation issues

Hi there !

By working on several projects we met a very tricky issue with the map visualization. When you try to view data on the data table you cannot disaggregate if it comes from a select_one or select_multiple type question on the map.

I am working with KOBO Humanitarian response
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Upload the following XLSForm
    Kobo map disaggregation issues.xlsx (1.2 MB)
  2. Fill data
  3. Try to visualize responses from the question type select_one or select_multiple
    As for the question “B.2. What sources of water do you use for other activities (non-drinking water: animal water, gardening, bricks, etc.)? “ (row 25) : try to visualize the different sources on the map.

The idea will be to have instead of “not set” the several options and be allowed to visualize it on the map.

It would be very useful to keep the data view more user friendly and could facilitate the understanding of answers.

Thanks to take it into account,
Chloé :slight_smile:

Users should now be able to view the data by dis-aggregating various survey responses as shown in the image below:

Thank you for the suggestion made. Expecting the same in the upcoming days as well.

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