Kobo-matrix missing data


We have been using the tool to collect data for our research projects and we have recently encountered an issue with the data download feature. We have been trying to download the questionnaire data that we have collected using the tool, but we have noticed that the data is not being completely obtained. Some of the data collected using the matrix (table) seem to be missing and we are not sure why this is happening.

We have tried to troubleshoot the issue by checking kobotoolbox community and encountered several threads on the same. Many resolved it by downloading the data using xls (legacy), but now that function is not allowed (“This export format will not be supported in the future. Please consider using one of the other export types available”).

The questions are attached for your reference.

Only responses for F.1.1. are available, the rest of the data for F.1.2 is missing in the downloaded file.

Please guide us to get the missing data.


Welcome to the community, @rifana! Would you also mind sharing with us a screenshot of the data that you downloaded where the data are missing? In addition, could you also let us know if the data are seen in the DATA>Table view? This should also help us troubleshoot your issue.

Thank you for the response. Please find the screenshot of the downloaded data. It seems it is visible in the table view.

I have the same issue, all data in my table I can not export. please help. thanks