Kobo Mobile App : Issue with photo module

Hi community,


I’m having a trouble with Kobo Mobile app with the photo feature. When I take a photo, it is not recorded and it goes at the beginning of the form. I have tried on 3 mobile phones and it’s the same.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create a a form with the photo feature
  2. Use the form on the mobile app
  3. Take a photo and see the reaction

Expected behavior

Most of the time the photo is not recorded and the form restart at the beginning. But the behavior is random because sometimes it works well.

Thanks. Ashley

Welcome back to the community, @dryas! So you mean, you are not able to capture an image and submit it to the server through the Collect Android App. Did I get you correctly? Kindly please confirm if I understood you correctly. I could then start troubleshooting your issue.

Thanks @Kal_Lam

In fact it acts randomly but at the end the photo is submitted to the server as I try several times until it works. But the field guy spend too much time.

The steps are as follows :

  1. I take a picture from the photo module
  2. When I click “Ok”, the photo is not saved and the form goes back at the beginning
  3. When i try several times, it works. Then the photo is submitted to the server

Intermediate solution :

  1. I take a photo on the mobile itself
  2. Then i upload the photo in the photo module of Kobo App instead of taking a picture
  3. The photo is then submitted to the server normally

Hope that is clear for you

note logo field-list logo.png.png max-pixels=1024
When using the laptop access the image is showing up but when I want to fill the form using adroind phone I’m seeing a message below.

Kindly support in this.