Kobo preview working but link not working?

Hi, I am collecting on online survey in 4 different languages, the preview works fine but once i went to deploy the form only asks the first 4-5 questions and then asks to submit, even though there are about 28 questions on the survey. Multiple users have had this but some others get all questions but then it wont allow them to submit at the end it says fix errors in red even where there are none?

Please help!!

Welcome @ifergus23,
Did you check your form with the Online validator, please? This is always recommended during development and before deployment. Also, don’t forget systematic pretests before data collection.

Your problem might be related to a relevant clause, which evaluated differently. Could you review and test your relevant clauses again, please?

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@ifergus23, maybe as an advise, try downloading your form as XLSForm and then see if the translations are complete. It could also be a case where all the questions have not been translated.

i uploaded survey in xls and the translation is there and double checked it in the manage translation

@ifergus23, please also be cautious that the form might have skipping questions that would skip the questions when certain condition meets.