Kobo Server on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

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I have been looking on the net for instructions on setting up a Kobo server on amazon web services, but have not been successful. Does anyone have a link to a tutorial or video that is demonstrating the setup? Alternatively are there any developers out there that would be willing to setup a service on my behalf, I am happy to pay for your time.


lol here no such document if any luck please tell me because i am also facing this issue

i can help

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Please share me your skype id or google lets connect

I do want help on deploy Kobo stack on AWS too. Can someone help-me?


Please go through this link: https://www.freelancer.in/projects/php/install-setup-kobotoolbox/?ngsw-bypass=&w=f

It might help you to understand installing kobo server on AWS

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@Herculano, @Mdkhamru, @gavintaylor. Installing KoBoToolbox on AWS ec2 should be straight forward with kobo-install.

Before running the install, you need your domain names to be ready and publicly accessible.
Port 80 (and 443 is you are willing to use HTTPS - which we do recommended) opened in your security groups publicly as well.

What kind of issues are you facing exactly?

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Were you able to make it work on AWS in a Private Subnet, Behind a ALB ?