Kobo Skip for many questions

Hi, I want to skip certain question based on previous question’s answers.
I am creating a form for children immunization below 23 months.
I want to calculate DOB with respect to today’s date. (I have already done this). Let me show the questions and you will understand my problem:
Q:1 Is the child Zero-Dose (select-one) Yes, No
Q:2 What is child DoB (Date)
Q:3 Is the child vaccinated (select-many) BCG, OPV-0, Hep-B, None
Q:4 Is the child vaccinated (select-many)OPV-1, Rota-1, Penta-1, None
Q:5 Is the child vaccinated (select-many) Rota-2, Penta-2, None

My issue is that I want Q:4 & Q:5 to be skipped for two reasons i.e. Q:1 is No and Q:2 is lesser than 05 weeks.
I want Q:5 skipped if Q:1 is No and Q:2 is lesser than 09 months

I will be glad if someone helps

Hello @rehanmaqbul and welcome to the community :slight_smile:

You can check this article for your answer. It is totally possible to achieve what you want.

If you need further help, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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@rehanmaqbul, we also have a lot of workarounds on skipping that have already been discussed in the community. Maybe it should be helpful if I also share with you the link of the same.

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thank you bro

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