Kobo Toolbox Contractor

We are interested in the following services: initial coaching for setup of a production server (fixed number of hours, on Ubuntu virtual machine, maybe via screen share after some preparatory downloads pre-installs) and ongoing second level support.

We are an innovative Australian radiation oncology department and have recently successfully trialled Kobotoolbox (specifically Kobocat, as we use XSLForm to design the surveys) + Enketo for collection of patient-reported outcome and other patient-facing questionnaires. Patients fill in the questionnaires in the waiting room using iPads. It gets uploaded to Kobocat and we use the API to pull the answers into our clinical system so they are available when the doctor sees the patient. The expected maximal number of patient using this concurrently is 20.

For the proof-of-concept we have used the pre-built virtual machine from http://support.kobotoolbox.org/customer/portal/articles/1691105-using-kobotoolbox-offline
. For production use we need a more robust setup including installation from code, so we can get pull github patches/improvements easily. We would probably use an image of the production setup for testing purposes.

We have good local IT support from a DB manager and IT infrastructure administrator with programming, SQL, linux and general admin knowledge. They have started to learn git. With some hours coaching particularly regarding installation of a production server they will be able to provide first level support for the operation of the Kobotoolbox (they have already done this with the proof-of-concept setup).

Could you please let me know whether you can provide this service?

What is your hourly rate for the coaching?

Can you provide the coaching sometime in January?

What is your costing model for second level support?

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