Kobo Toolbox vs Humanitarian Response webpages

I am writing to express my confusion about my KoboToolbox account. I created an account with Kobo Toolbox about three weeks ago and developed some surveys which have quite a significant amount of data attached to them. I went to log into Kobo Humanitarian Response to download an XLS file to word so I could link it with an Excel spreadsheet but I kept coming up against a “username or password” incorrect page, even though I was typing both the correct email and password into the form. I clicked “Forgot Password” a number of times and received no emails in response. I thought that perhaps Kobo Toolbox and Kobo Humanitarian were different web pages with different accounts, so created a new account on Kobo Humanitarian Response with exactly the same username and password as my KoboToolBox account. Now I have two accounts, one with all my data and one that is empty, both with the same usernames and passwords. I can’t share the survey data because my Kobo Toolbox account doesn’t recognise the Kobo Humanitarian Response account’s details because they’re exactly the same.

My question is: are the Toolbox and Humanitarian Response platforms two different websites, even though they look exactly the same? And is there any way I can delete the account on the Kobo Humanitarian Response page and just use my Kobo Toolbox login?

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Welcome to the community, @pacific_fish!

Seems like you have created 2 different accounts under KoboToolbox. Please be informed that KoboToolbox hosts 2 servers that are available for the public. For details, you should also be able to learn more through our support article Which Server Should I Use?. Sharing permissions between accounts is only possible within servers (not across servers). i.e. you will be able to share a project from one HHI account to another HHI account and not from one HHI account to OCHA account. Similarly, you will be able to share a project from one OCHA account to another OCHA account and not from one OCHA account to HHI account.

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Thank you for the reply. Am I able to delete my Humanitarian server account?

@pacific_fish, please reach us to support@kobotoolbox.org for account deletion requests. We shall delete it for you. When reaching us for the same, please provide us with the following information:

  • Username
  • Email id registered with the user account
  • Server

Note: when reaching us for this request, please reach us through the email ID registered with the user account you wish to delete.