Kobo-transfer does not copy all media files (photo)

Good afternoon. I tried to use kobo-transfer tool, I was transferring project from eu.kobotoolbox.org server to my local server kf.kobo.local. All information was transferred, but media files (photos) were transferred only 10-20% of the total. Here are the contents of my config.json

“src”: {
{ “kc_url”: “https://kc-eu.kobotoolbox.org”,
{ “kf_url”: “https://eu.kobotoolbox.org”,
“token”: “",
“asset_uid”: "
}, “dest”: {
{ “kc_url”: “http://kc.kobo.local”,
}, “kf_url”: “http://kf.kobo.local”,
“token”: "
“asset_uid”: “**********************************”

Has anyone encountered this behavior ? Maybe it’s the eu.kobotoolbox.org server ? Thanks for the answer

@alexserv, have you tried checking this in the public server to see if it works as expected there?

Thanks for the quick response. The problem is that Kobo-transfer does not download all necessary files from the public server https://eu.kobotoolbox.org (I specified --keep-media in the parameters and then watched the downloaded files). Or maybe there are some settings that will make https://eu.kobotoolbox.org more ready to download all files ? Or maybe I misunderstood your question.

P.s. The transferable project consists of 100 completed questionnaires with 10 photos each