Kobo upload/replace form not working - indefinitely loading


I have a form which does not have any syntax erros. I have checked multiple times on the form validator ( ODK - XLSForm Online (getodk.org)).

However, when I try to upload this form as a new project or replace the previous form in an existing project, I only get the loading screen. I believe this might be a server issue. Could you kindly look into this as soon as possible.

I am using the humanitarian response server.

Screenshot is below:



@HarresYakubi, could you also let us know the total number of questions and choices that is in your XLSForm? Maybe this should give us some clue on why the form is not loading.

Hi Kal,

Actually it looks as though the problem is resolved now that I’ve moved all of the questions onto a different template.

So, I’m not sure exactly what the issue was, but at least for now, it’s resolved.

Thanks for the support, in any case.