Kobo version

I am trying to see what version i am running of kobo using:
python3 run.py --version
and i get this error.

entering git status returns
root@kobotb:/home/sti/kobo-install# git status
HEAD detached from 2.020.24b
nothing to commit, working tree clean

Have you ever run this before using the same approach and it worked?

it never worked.
and im still stuck at 502 error and 500 altho my smtp settings are correct.
where are the smtp logs?
can i switch to sendmail instead of django ?
where are all the logs run.py --logs shows nothing but redis.

this is really tiring there is no official support or a clear answer its been almost a month why isnt anything clear?

Correct, we are a small team that is very busy running production instances for humanitarian organizations. I’m sorry for the trouble you’re facing, but we cannot offer official support for self-hosted instances.