Kobocat dies until restart

Hi all! im having some issues in 2 different implementations.
both installed using kobo-install docker

the installation number 1 is using integrated certbot for certificates
the installation number 2 is using an external nginx ssl proxy

in both implementations, somehow, the kobocat starts dying, the container is ok, but it seems that it cant connect with the other components.

in the kobocat.error.log from the nginx this is what is inside

and this version of kobo images:

For example when i try to get some photo of a submission of a form, it loads until it goes to timeout.
and everything fixes, when i run docker restart kobofe_kobocat_1 (restart of the kobocat container)

i tried to watch the logs, but i dont find anything to match this.

and when i restart, the entire kobo works fine. (until it breaks again)