KoboCollect and QGIS

Dear community!
I am planning to export the GPS locations collected with KoboCollect to a QGIS-project. In order to work with the right projections, I was wondering if you knew which geographic reference system KoboToolbox is operating in? Or perhaps how I could find out?
Thanks a million in advance!

Hello, I think this will help you a lot : Geopoint Question

The KoboCollect app shows the location in degree, radians. But when you export the data, you can extract the decimal lat-longs from the data. I think it creates 4 columns : lat, long, altitude, and accuracy.

You can use these lat-longs in your QGIS project by importing a CSV file layer.

Just out of curiosity, how would projection system matter when you get the lat longs in decimals.

Edit : This link says Since the coordinates are in latitudes and longitudes, you should select a WGS 84.

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Hello Paani,
thank you very much! I think this will help me. I am a beginner in GIS and hence my assumptions might have been wrong. :slight_smile:

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