KoboCollect "Can't reach server" error

Hello all
I’m trying to fill a form using the KoboCollect app but it keeps giving me a “can’t reach the server” error when trying to get blank form even though it open just fine via the browser.
Here’s the link for the form Enketo Express for KoboToolbox
Appreciate all the help!

Welcome to the community, @okr297! Have you checked the configuration of your Collect android app? Maybe you have misconfigured it?

I added the URL to the server and didn’t change any of the default settings. Is there something i missed?

@okr297, could you share the screenshot of the same? One more question, are you able to get blank forms to your app?

This is the error i receive when attempting to get blank form

@okr297, seems like you have configured your server URL incorrectly. Follow the instructions outlined in the support article shared below and that should help you solve your issue: