Kobocollect Data Lost after submission

Hi team, I want to consult about my Kobo collect problem. We’re using a non-humanitarian version, and the total submission is around hundreds now. But why is it that sometimes in one submission there is missing data? For instance, in 1 submission there is 150 data collection of trees, but when we’re about to download the data from our website (which has connected to the Kobo API) less than it should be 150. Which it already been finalized and sent. All data are in text.

Is it possible that even from the kobocollect it says all the forms are succesfull submitted, but due to internet problem we have, some data did not reach into the server?

Really looking forward for your help. Thanks

Welcome to the community, @Mikhael21! Did you mean the data submitted from the Collect app is visible in the app but is missing in the server?

We have sent 1 submission consisting of hundreds of repeatable groups of data, and this one submission is visible in the “view sent form”, which means finalized & successfully submitted. Turns out that when we pull the same data through API to our website, some data are not there/lost. Isn’t that missing in the server?

@Mikhael21, the data should be there on the server. FYR, you should be able to learn more about how the data stays (when you download your data as XLS format) by following this post: