Kobocollect function that produces QR code for configuration

Hi, everyone.

I am new to KoboToolbox. I am trying to configure multiple Android devices with Kobocollect using a QR code.

I have found this tutorial but it is outdated.

Data Collection on KoBoCollect App (Older Version) — KoBoToolbox documentation (please scroll down)

You generate the QR code with one device and scan it with another device. Easy, right?

Wrong. There is no option to generate the QR code in the first device. Or I have not found it after much looking for it. The screen captures of the above-mentioned tutorial don’t correspond to the last version of Kobocollect. There is no “Configure via QR code” option.

So what can I do? Any help would be appreciated.

Welcome to the community, @finsalscollons! We have 2 support articles for Data Collection on KoBoCollect App. You are looking at the article that describes how to collect data with the KoBoCollect app (older version). Try exploring the other article which describes the same with the latest version of the app.

Also please note that you will always need to configure your server settings for the first device manually. Once you have the configuration for at least one device you can then configure multiple devices with the QR code.

Thank you very much. That’s what I was looking for.

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