KoboCollect interface is displayed in Chinese

Hello everyone.

I have a problem. KoboCollect installed in Lenovo Legion Y700 is in Chinese language, I have set the language in English in KoboCollect setting but it didn’t do anything.

`The tablet is Chinese ROM-firmware with English as default language. Is there a way how to fix it?.

Thank you in advance.

Welcome to the community, @flo2be! So you mean you wish to have your app in English font instead of Chinese?

Hi @Kal_Lam thanks for your reply.

Correct. I don’t know why KoboCollect is displayed in Chinese, because every other apps that are installed in the device are displayed in English.

@flo2be, if there are no projects or data in the app, maybe try to uninstall and then reinstall it again to see if you can get the app in the English version.