KoboCollect is showing up in the games hub in Samsung devices running Android 14


On Samsung devices running Android 14, KoboCollect appears in Samsung Gaming Hub and not in the app drawer. The user has to remove KoboCollect from the gaming hub so that it could show up in the app drawer. This is causing some confusion with users.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Have a Samsung device running Android 14
  2. Install KoboCollect from the Google Play store
  3. Open Samsung Gaming Hub, Kobocollect appears there

Expected behavior

KoboCollect should install and appear in the app drawer.

Actual behavior

Kobocollect installs but only shows up in the gaming hub

Additional details

Tested on Samsung A23 and Samsung S22 Ultra both running Android 14. To correct the issue users have to:

  1. Open Samsung Gaming hub,
  2. Tap on “My Games”
  3. Press on KoboCollect and tap “Remove”
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@dtrotman, you could remove the Collect Android App from the Gaming Hub by following the instructions outlined below:

  • Step 1: Go to Gaming Hub

  • Step 2: You should see a similar screen as shown below (where you will see the KoboCollect android app in it):

  • Step 3: Now press the red boxed icon that you see at the right-down corner next to the KoboCollect app as shown in the image above (step 2). You should now see a similar screen as shown below:

  • Step 4: Press the KoboCollect app for approx. 3 seconds.

  • Step 5: A similar screen is seen as shown below.

  • Step 6: Now press Remove from gaming hub as shown in the image above (step 5).

  • Step 7: A dialogue box appears. Press Remove.

  • Step 8: Once, this is done, the KoboCollect app does not show up under the Gaming Hub.
    So your Gaming Hub now looks something as below:

Hi, Thanks for the workaround. My argument is that it shouldn’t be added to the gaming hub in the first place. Can that be prevented?

@dtrotman, pinging @Xiphware for a better knowledge on this issue.