Kobocollect - Not working on Android: Can't connect to server, different starting page from tutorial

When I put in the URL, username and password on Kobocollect it takes me to a page with: Start a new form, Drafts, Ready to send, Sent, Download form, Delete form. This does not figure on the tutorial. In addition, I have tried to download forms from the server to no avail. An error message comes up saying I am unable to connect to server. However, I have check my details several times and everything seems in line. I have uninstalled, reinstalled the app, checked my phones date and time settings, reset the phone… What could be the matter? SOS

I have read through all the previous threads on this topic including the tutorials on using Kobocollect (Older version) and Kobocollect (Latest version). When I click on Download form it says

Form list download failed
Collect can’t reach the server at https://kf.kobotoolbox.org. Did you enter the URL correctly? If you keep having this problem, report it to the persson who asked you to collect data.

Of note, I am the one trying to collect data using my phone as opposed to walking around with my laptop.

Welcome to the community, @drfofung! This should be the correct URL for your app configuration:


You should be able to learn more about the configuration through our support article shared here:

Thanks so much! Worked like a charm!

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