KoboCollect OOM crash

One of my data collector experience crash sometimes, this is the error message:

KoboCollect v2023.2.4
Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite (SM-T225)
Android 13
One ui 5.1.1

Also since the last update they are experiencing more lags in the application after inputting a few forms, as I understand it might come from the size of the form and the limited RAM (3GB) of our devices?
How can I check the size of the form, and have more debugging information?

Thank you!

Welcome to the community, @jru! Could you also kindly let us know when does this happen with your team? Do they get this when trying to open the app, or getting blank forms, or at what phase? Besides, can they install a fresh version from the Play Store? Is this an issue with only a single tablet/user, or is it an issue with other tablets/users too?

Thank you for your answer, in this particular case it happened after using KC the device went in standby and the error message appears when resuming.
For now I only had the feedback from only one user with this error message.
But the lags are more concerning since several users reported it and make the data collection almost impossible.
I will uninstall and remove the related cache and files and make a fresh install to see if it improve or fix the issues, thank you.

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You should also check the overall storage situation on these devices, please. And users should better avoid to go in stand-by with open app and to use heavy-load applications in parallel.

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There is no storage issues and they are only using kc.

@jru, try using the latest ODK Collect Android App version to see if that solves your issue. Basically, the KoboCollect Android App is a stable version of the ODK Collect Android App. While the latter also has updates more frequently but they both should support data collection for KoboToolbox.