Kobocollect select one autocomplete showing glitchy image instead of options

Hello Kobo community. We have an XML form where we have a select one question to select the name and uuid of the student you are interviewing where the names and uuids are stored as choices. We are collecting data on kobocollect and would like this question to appear in a list with several other questions. However we also would like the select one to be autocomplete. So we are using the begin group and field-list appearance and autocomplete appearance. One a PC when testing the form works fine but in Kobocollect the question displays a glitchy image (see attachment) instead of the options. (Names in the form have been removed)

HT endline.xlsx (14.1 KB)

Welcome back to the community, @hannahrecproject! Before fixing the issue, could you kindly fix the choice duplicate (R13 to R21) that you have in your xlsform and reshare them with the community?