Kobocollect soumissions issues

Hello Team. I’m having issues with Kobocollect app. Data collected has not reached the server but it has been sent from the app. I even made a test yesterday i can see from kobotoolbox that the last submission was yesterday but still the form has not reached the server.

Welcome to the community, @enabel_rdc_hkl! You will also need to check the app to see if the submissions submitted to the server are in the Sent tab of your Collect Android App.

thanks for your reply. Yes that’s is the problem because from the enumerators i can see sent forms and the exact date. But from the server i don’t have all the forms

I can only embed one image otherwise i could show you every captures

@enabel_rdc_hkl, you should now be able to share more screenshots. Please also share with us the screenshots of your Server Settings. This should help us with troubleshooting.