KoboCollect & Tablet

Dear Technical Support Team,

I am contacting you with a problem related to the KoboCollect app that is installed on my tablet (tablet name and model are indicated on the attached screenshots).

The problem is that when we open the application, the main menu does not appear, but instead the last completed questionnaire is instantly opened. At the same time, we are unable to upload or edit existing questionnaires, which is critical for our activities.

We have already tried reinstalling the application, but the problem remains the same. We have also made sure that we have a stable internet connection to make sure that it is not a connection issue.

Please help us to resolve this issue and get the KoboCollect app working properly again.

@kosovcaritas, are you collecting data through Enketo aka web forms? Are you on the humanitarian server? Could you also share the screenshot of the issue that you are facing? All these details should help us troubleshoot your issue.