KoboCollect v2023.2.4 - Can't add title to the form


We are working with the new version of KoboCollect v2023.2.4 and we can’t find where we can add or change the form title as we used to do with the previous version - when finalizing and saving the form. Can you please provide some support on how we can edit the form name before we finalize it?

Thank you.

You may get the information here, please: User interface changes coming with the next KoboCollect release.


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Hi @Kal_Lam . If we adjust the instance_name field for the new version of KoboCollect and redeploy the form, how that will affect people in the field that is still using the previous version of the app? There are a few teams that didn’t update KoboCollect to the new version - should everyone using the new version before we proceed with the changes? Thank you.

@jchapel, the variables used within the form will be stored as an instance name. Maybe try it out with the same XLSForm shared with the post. You should be able to understand it practically.