Koboform link for collection change

Hello! Sometimes our form can be leaked to the social medias and there are a lot of unappropriated submissions. Is there an opportunity to change the collection data link for form?

Hi @slovak82 and welcome to the community!

As a workaround, how about adding a password to protect your form? This help article could solve that problem: Sharing Your Project and Managing Permissions — KoboToolbox documentation

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Unfortunately, there is a need of changing link

@slovak82, you can clone your project and deploy again, and archive the previous one. But the data you’ve collected so far will not automatically transfer to the cloned project. You need to consolidate them manually.

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@slovak82, I lean with @hakan_cetinkaya’s advice to check the Require authentication to see forms and submit data as outlined in one of our previous posts:

This should be helpful if you share your form with a closed group of enumerators with their own KoboToolbox account.

But if the form has been shared with a group of users who do not have an enumerator’s KoboToolbox account, then it’s wise to clone the project and share the link of the newly deployed project, and archive the previous project whose URL has already been exposed.

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