KoboMatrix for Likert Scale


I am trying to create this type of matrix, where the questions are the rows and the Likert scale options are the columns:

Thank you so much!

Welcome @hbronwynstone,
Design hint: As you have N/S and N/A as categories, I would not use a likert scale here, but the normal select_one appearance.

Here are the options, I know MatrixLikert02.xlsx (14.6 KB).
You can test it with the Online validator.
The 1st option is a possible workaround, but I don’t like it as the read_only likert title may confuse the user and there are … (dots) as labels, which you probably would need to replace for analysis (with a new choices/form version)…

A combination of list-nolabel appearance with likert or adding likert to the sublines of the table-list has no effect. (And adding likert to the label appearance or the table-list group appearance will create strange headers.)

I didn’t test if kobomatrix appearance could provide another solution. The community might answer, please.

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