KoboTool Box Database storage path on self hosted server


We have successfully deployed on our own self-hosted server, which is working fine.
I want to know is actually data stored on our own server?
Where is user information (for user management) stored?
If yes where can I find that?

Thank you for your answers and have a nice day.

Welcome to the community forum. Just a quick one, are you familiar with how the platform works when it is within our servers? If so then basically various handling procedures would be the same. On the specific areas asked:

Yes, the data is stored within your servers and we have absolutely no interface to your data.

You should be able to access the list of your users on the admin side of your installation. This should be somewhere similar to https://YOURSERVER/admin/auth/user/

Remember this will provide you with a list of your users but not the ability to add since this is done directly on the platform by the user.


Hi @stephanealoo

Thank you for guiding, yes I have used your platform, I just get started on the integration of this and successfully installed with the help of my server administrator. The problem is we are finding out where the Database exists, in order to have backups of the application with its DB. I also know there are two databases that are used:

  • Postgres which stores all the form information and structure of your surveys
  • mongo which stores the actual data collected by the survey


Hi @zeeshu96,

You can activate backups with kobo-install when you choose to use advanced options.
Otherwise, the data is located in kobo-docker/.vols .

  • db is for PostgreSQL
  • mongo is for MongoDB (obviously)
  • redis_main is for redis

If you already have activated backups with kobo-install. You should find files in kobo-docker/backup. Once again, you should see 4 folders

  • kobocat contains users’ file (if you use local storage)
  • mongo, postgres, redis are database backups location respectively.