KoboToolbox API v2 Link Fetcher

:rocket: KoBoToolbox API Fetcher,
A tool to fetch API links from both KoBoToolbox servers!:link:

I’m happy to share my recent application designed to simplify the process of fetching api links from KoBoToolbox and to use api links for futher purposes such as importing to Excel,PowerBI and so on.

Key Features:
:small_blue_diamond: Fetch api links from both KoBoToolbox servers (Global and EU)
:small_blue_diamond: Customizable export options for tailored data formats (eg. to get label values instead of xml values)
:small_blue_diamond: User-friendly interface for effortless navigation
:small_blue_diamond: Secure and privacy (No data are stored in app)

Link: [KoboToolbox API v2 Link Fetcher](KoboToolbox API v2 Link Fetcher)
GitHub: [GitHub - mio-X/KoboToolbox_API_Fetcher]