Kobotoolbox error resolution

Dear Support Team.

Please help resolve the error on this link:

Enketo Express for KoboToolbox (humanitarianresponse.info)

Error code: Error trying to parse XML record. Invalid XML source

Welcome to the community, @Johnala! I saw no error message when loading with my Chrome browser. FYR:

Maybe this post discussed previously should also be helpful for you:

Thank you for your response.
But my issue is not with opening the form but loading existing record. I had advanced in my data entry into the form and each time I pause and returned, I only had to click on load record and all my entered data will be loaded. By this, I always continued from where I stopped.

Please advice on how I can load/recover my existing record.


@Johnala, are you using the online-only or online-offiline approach to collect your data through the web forms? If you are using the latter approach, there should be an option to save your form as a draft. This will allow you to continue collecting data from the previous left-over form (incomplete/saved form).

Hi Kal_Lam. I am using the online-only approach and it automatically saves any entered data. I only have to click on ‘load record’ to retrieve the previously entered data and continue data entry from there.