KoBoToolbox Form Design Training

Hi! I might know a few of you, from being around the forum or through various video tutorials online, but hello to anyone I also haven’t met before!

I’m really excited to share an opportunity for KoBoToolbox training - specifically around designing digital forms. And it’s specifically designed especially for the humanitarian, development and international social enterprise sectors.

How can you use all of the different features available in form-design that help you avoid data cleaning?

The course is called “Mastering Form Design in KoBoToolbox” - and is for users who have just started using KoBoToolbox, and who need/want to scale-up or improve their form design skills quite quickly. :grinning:

Start date: 15th February - enrollment closes next week!
Duration: 6 weeks

It’s all online, so can be accessed from anywhere. The modules are all available in video format, with downloadable guides, cheatsheets, and XLSForm templates you can use and modify. Plus there will be 12 live group sessions where you can show up with your questions, even forms you’re working on for your programmes, and you can get live coaching support.

For more details of the course you can visit this page, which has all the details. And you can also download this PDF that has the main details (especially useful if you need something for discussing with your manager, etc).

If you’re interested, you can send me a private message here on the forum, or email me at janna@humanitariandatasolutions.com.

Okay - hope that’s helpful! Can’t wait to hear from you!

PS. for INGOs/donors, etc, who might have a need for training a number of different individuals in either their staff teams or implementing partner organisations - please do send me a note, as I have bulk enrollment discounts, and we can discuss the best way to engage your network!