KoboToolBox Form View

i have problem in viewing the draft project in the kobotoolbox. it is because the FORM PREVIEW window became smaller. It is not the same as original size of the window in the first time that I used kobotoolbox… How to fix it. Need you and other advise. thank you

Welcome to the community, @jsphrico! Would you mind sharing with the community the screenshot of your issue so that the community should be able to understand your issue pictorially?

This one sir. I only experience that this morning.

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because of the small FORM VIEW window, its hard for me to view my work… How to fix it sir Kal_Lam

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OK, could you provide me the following through a private message:

  • Username
  • Project name
  • Server: HHI

You could send me a private message as outlined in the post discussed previously:

@jsphrico, I could reproduce the same at my end:

Thank you for bringing this to our attention! Will get back to you once we resolve this issue.

Sorry but what im referring is the “Form Preview” window which is so small. I know that the original view of that FORM PREVIEW is not like that.

My concern is about the Form Preview window that suddenly shrinks in size. I have difficulty in viewing my draft project. I know that wasn’t like that when I first used kobo toolbox. how could i fix it sir

@jsphrico, please be informed that this is an issue and we will get back to you when we resolve this.

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Thanks! I’m also facing the same problem and waiting for that to be solved

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Welcome to the community, @Gaspard!

@jsphrico, @Gaspard, please be informed that the issue has now been resolved.

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Hi Sir @Kal_Lam, My concern on the Form Preview window that suddenly shrink now back to normal. Hence, i can work well now. Thank you sir Kal_lam

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thank so much sir @Kal_Lam for attending my concern…

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