Kobotoolbox image error

Hello so we were looking into our data collected and we saw 1 or 2 forms that got this error displayed.


This images are very important for us!!

and why is te uuid for the data this one and the data is in another folder??


Another thing i have two uuids the one with meta is the one who works how do i download that meta/root uuid

@christianmaa, could you also let us know the server where the issue is happening?

@Kal_Lam I am on the Non-humanitarian server and the username is cucunuba2023 and is the project with the word formulario in it.

@Kal_Lam if you find código encuesta and put either 2401010401_13015, 2401010407_14013 they dont have the images display and neither in the downloadable .zip

@christianmaa ,i would suggest you import the attachment folder to powerquery in excel,so that you can get the full file path.

Now,when you are inporting the file path of the images, ensure you look up the FileName in the image fullpath,to return the matching correct filenames.

To get all these working properly,follow the steps as outlined in the discussion of a previous trend.

Using this Api connector to kobo will allow you to get the full filepath of your images and not as a separate attachment.
What you can then do is to use the new exel image from url function , =IMAGE[A1] if cell A1 contains the single image url.For multiple urls in column A1 just drag the fill handle to display all the images.in excel sheet.

To download it into a local folder, you may try downloadthemall software or use DAP internet download accelerator. Copy the whole url parts and paste in notepad. Save the notepad. As textfile.(txt)
Go to download accelarator from file and choose the txt file that contains the url,choose destination folder where the images will be downloaded.whallap! All your images are downloaded correctly.

I hope this will resolve your issues.

thanks but the bigger problem right now is that some forms have problem loading images you can see in this image


@christianmaa ,

The error message you encountered in Kobo formbuilder interface, “File IMG_20230728.jpg could not be found, leave already if already submitted and you want to preserve it,” indicates that the specified image files ,cannot be located. If you have already submitted the form and want to preserve the existing data, you should leave it as it is. This error typically occurs when the image file is missing or has been moved or deleted from its original location. To fix the issue, ensure that the image file exists and is accessible at the specified location or re-upload the image to the form builder interface.

Secondly,in your image question type.did you set max-pixel of 1024 under the parameter column ,this will scale the image to that point.
Trying resizing the images if that couldnt work before uploading it to the formbuilder interface.

You may as well set the appearance column to ‘new’ so that your image is captured directly from the device camera,instead of having to upload the image from your local storage.

@Kal_Lam so i just lost all this images?