Kobotoolbox integration with messengers

Hello, respected community. I am new to KoboToolbox and programming. Now I am trying to realize the following project - a bot in messenger (telegram, viber, etc.) collects information and sends it to KoboToolbox form table. Everything is clear with the bot and its collection of information. And I managed to realize POST request to add a record to the table. But the question arises - where can I read about the difference of adding records to the table for different versions of API (v1, v2). And also is there any difference for working with API in “kf.kobotoolbox.org” and “kc.kobotoolbox.org” (I made POST requests via “/api/v1/submissions”) ? Maybe someone has realized a similar project in the right way, and it is possible to look at it ? Because the API documentation is not quite clear for me. I apologize if I express myself in a wrong way.

Welcome to the community, @alexorganization!

Maybe share the same with the community. It would be of interest to a lot of our users.