Kobotoolbox local installation

Greetings all,
So we installed kobotoolbox on our servers. We can create projects, view forms and edit forms on the web version. Our problem is on the form download on android phone. When correctly configure the url, server, passwords we get “form download failed”. What could be missing? We are running Ubuntu 20.04.2 and Nginx as a proxy server.

Welcome to the community, @Lubasik! If everything is fine, then this post discussed previously should help you solve your issue:

Thanks for your help. I think something is not right somewhere…so our kobotoolbox uses a sub-domain url “http://kf.kobotoolbox.zispis.gov.zm/”. I am not sure if this is allowed in the first place. I tried the steps in your guide but am still getting the error, “Form List Download Failed”. Do we need to install SSL for this work properly?