Kobotoolbox many collaborators same account

we have a project the will be collected by around 100 interviewers.

for data collection, should we make 100 kobo users and share the form with all .

or, we can made one user for data collection, and all the 100 interviewers can collect data with that same user?

its much better and easier to use one account for data collection, however if you want to track each enumerator you can add username to the metadata section. The records will be tagged to each data enumerator/interviewer.
don’t forget to add username data type to your questionnaire… .
sample.xlsx (15.6 KB)

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thanks a lot morriz, we’re just worrying if there any conflict could happen if many uses same account as it’s our first time with kobo

Are you using Enketo (webform) or Collect?
The same account will give the same username in Enketo. In Collect it will only be different if individually set locally, on the enumerator device.
Another option would be to add a question in your form for username/id. Maybe with a select_one type.

Several discussions on the topic can be found with the search function of this forum, e.g. https://community.kobotoolbox.org/search?q=username%20

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Hi Wross, we use kobocollect (Android).
and we read that the collectors should have an account as well, so our question is, can we make one kobo user for collecting and all collectors use it (sure we add collector id in the form), or we should create unique user for each collector/interviewer?

Ok. So, you can follow the hint from @morriz above. https://community.kobotoolbox.org/search?q=username%20 and use one account for all enumerators (separated from admin and maybe others like quality assurance).
In addition, on the device each enumerator should set her/his individual username in the Collect settings.

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