KoboToolbox node available in n8n!

Hello everyone! :wave:

Announcing here the release of a dedicated KoboToolbox integration connector (called node) for the excellent n8n open-source integration platform, available as a self-hosted solution, desktop client, or cloud service.

It gives you an easy graphical designer to manipulate the KoboToolbox API, as well as 300+ other services, to implement various automation workflows.

As an example, here’s the workflow I use to automatically organise and upload to Google Drive some pictured captured with a KoboToolbox form.

It works both as an API client (invoking the API to query forms, submissions, attachments etc…) but also as a webhook listener (including automatic creation of the corresponding REST service in the form’s settings).


@yjouanique, thank you for sharing this with the community! :clap: :heart: :partying_face: The community would also benefit immensely if you could share a short getting started document for this.

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