KoBoToolbox Non-Humanitarian Server Pricing after 5GB

Hi Community,

We are deploying a tool in which data for city-wide water systems will be collected using KoBoToolbox forms and stored on the Non-Humanitarian server. The data will eventually exceed 5 GB but will have multiple users with whom the form is shared. I have gone through other threads as well but have found conflicting answers. My questions are:

  1. Is it 5GB per month per user for eternity?
  2. Is it 5GB per user?
  3. Is it 5GB per form?

If it is option 2 or 3 what would be an estimate of the pricing or I would have to go through info@kobotoolbox.org for that?


Welcome back to the community, @joelrhine! Kindly please feel free to reach us through info@kobotoolbox.org for pricing-related queries. We shall provide you with the details there.

Thanks. I will do that.

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